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Re: brltty is speaking wire booting but not after


Ali Gürler schrieb am 13.07.2017, 12:12 +0200:
>Hello Samuel,
I hope you don't mind if I answer instead.

>I installed debian 9.0.0 on a new system from netinst iso image. After that,
>I installed brltty-espeak and uncommented the line for using espeak in
>/etc/brltty.conf. I forgot: Befor that, I installed alsa-utils, of course. If
>the system is starting, brltty is speaking, but it does not at the boot
Would you please test whether Pulse is running? That has been always the issue
for me. Log in and check whether

$ pgrep pulse

outputs something.
Another thing to check is whether autospeak is enabled. You can do this in the
BRLTTY preferences menu.

>I would like stopping brltty and start it again, but sysctl
>stop brltty or sysctl brltty stop does not work.
The command is `systemctl stop brltty`; `service brltty stop` would work, too.

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