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Debian's speech recognition, how usable &/or user friendly?I've

I've had varying levels of casual interest in speech recognition since the early 70's when a post-doc friend was doing research [he and his partner shared a DEC KI-10]. I toyed with getting Dragon Naturally Speaking at one time but could justify the cost for the amount I would use it.

I'm now retired and have a different perspective. Synaptic's description of pocketsphinx states "This package contains end-user speech recognition tools." However https://cmusphinx.github.io/ takes care to not "oversell" its suitability for end users.

I explicitly wish to experiment. I have been suitably warned ;}

Are you actively using FOSS speech recognition software?
What is your evaluation of it?
What microphone and D/A converter are being used?
[I plan to use a headset mounted mike for two reasons:
   1. consistent mike placement.
   2. my environment discourages a free standing or handheld mike.
An unrelated project encourages a bandwidth and bit depth well beyond what recognition software expects - this requires I do some pre-processing.]

Comments please.

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