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Bug#855446: debtags: Adding more accessibility tags

Package: debtags
Followup-For: Bug #855446


1st, thanks Samuel to re-open this topic. I think it's an excellent and simple
idea to apply. From 20000 packages, it would be very useful to know, before
installing, wether it's usable or not with an assistive techno.

I think accessibility::accessible-with::at-spi is the most transversal tag,
and then very interesting. Other proposals you do seem for me good, but more
difficult to do: 1st because it means a package should be tested with a specific
AT (Orca, brltty, etc). Then because it's related to a kind of disability, then
will we add, once more a11y tools will exist, dasher, civikey, and other?

With your 1st proposal, I think it's short, easy to test with a simple accerciser
(QA could do it for example), and transversal. So I really think it's the

Waiting for additional feedbacks.

Best regards,

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