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Firefox-ESR Crash in Stretch when exiting Browser with Orca running

I have all the latest packages installed for the testing release. I
notice that almost every time I close firefox-esr, I get a message that
it has crashed. I guess I am not sure if this is an accessibility
related issue. The reason I think it might be is because if these
crashes were happening without Orca running, many other users would have
noticed it. The test case that i have is to just open Firefox and close
it. This seems to cause a crash in most cases for me with a resulting
dialog asking if I want to send crash results to Mozilla. If I use the
Firefox package from experimental, the crashes are gone. I thought it
might be interesting to see if any Orca users can reproduce this and if
any sighted users can confirm whether the crash occurs when Orca is off.
I can reproduce on both an AMD and Intel machine. Thanks

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