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Bug#854295: brltty-espeak: crashes while emitting speech


Samuel Thibault schrieb am 12.02.2017, 12:15 +0100:
>> > >Sebastian Humenda, on Sun 05 Feb 2017 21:02:37 +0100, wrote:
>> > >> I'm not sure whether the issue is actually in BRLTTY or espeak-ng, but
>> > >> I couldn't encounter any issues while using speech-dispatcher with
>> > >> espeak-ng yet.
>> > >
>> > >Ok.  I'm afraid that might be an issue with the way BRLTTY uses espeak
>> > >and espeak-ng behaves: BRLTTY sets a callback, but espeak-ng calls it
>> > >from its own thread, which may pose some unexpected issues.  Could you
>> > >try the attached patch?
>So, how is it going?
I haven't encountered any issues yet. It is rather hard to say whether it is
fixed, because the bug is hard to reproduce. However, there have been no further crashes so far.


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