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Bug#797891: dasher: Segfault on toggling "Control Mode" check box


I just build 5.0.0~beta~repack-2 and tested it, it works.

It tried toggling it on/off, also fast, but could not crash dasher.

So this bug may be closed.

Thanks & Bye,


Am 2017-01-25 um 16:52 schrieb Thibaut Paumard:
> control: tag -1 confirmed
> Dear Simon,
> I recently adopted dasher and am now processing the backlog of bug reports.
> I can confirm the SEGFAULT, but only if I click repeatedly and fast on
> the toggle.
> In you experience, it the bug easy to reproduce or do you have to
> insist? Does the bug break some functionality, or is it merely an
> inconvenience that you have to restart dasher? Could you also try the
> new version (currently in unstable, hopefully in testing within a coupld
> of days): 5.0.0~beta~repack-2 and tell me whether it behaves better for
> you? (I have tried and seen that the SEGFAULT is possible to trigger).
> Regards, Thibaut.

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