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Bug#667616: brltty greedily grabs serial ports, ftdi_sio loses connection


Mariusz Gronczewski, on Wed 12 Oct 2016 15:18:46 +0200, wrote:
> At this points it grabs devices that are definitely NOT a generic
> non-customized FTDI device, for example it grabbed my USB<->1wire
> adapter which had "manufacturer"  and "product" field customized:

Oh, I didn't know about these fields.  I'll see with upstream how to
filter on these values.  That said, normally it's the USB ID which is
customised, not manufacturer and product.

> and I also got it as suprise dependency to... *something* but it is
> hard to tell what

That's still one of the things we'd need to determine.

apt-cache rdepends brltty

doesn't show anything that depends on or recommends brltty,
except brltty-{espeak,flite,speechd}, which nobody depends on or
recommends. When removing brltty, does it not uninstall anything?


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