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Re: Bug#835533: dasher: Please package Dasher 5.0 beta

(Cc-ing debian-a11y)


On 30/09/16 13:03, Andreas Henriksson wrote:
> While the patch would solve the RC bug and get dasher back into
> testing, I'm hesitant to assist in uploading it because the
> question "Do we *want* to ship dasher in it current state?" is
> not something your patch addresses. If we do get dasher back
> into testing we'll likely have to also support it for the
> lifetime of stretch. If we're struggling now to find people
> willing to invest any time into dasher maintenance how will
> we be able to make any guarantees about being able to support
> it for the lifetime of stretch?
> Until we have a somewhat enthusiastic maintainer it's probably
> better to make dasher available "on the side" rather than in
> the main distribution IMHO. Could you tell me your view on
> this and what your motivation for posting the patch was to better
> help me understand your situation?

dasher is a critical piece of software for some people who couldn't use their
computer without it. Other than this FTBFS, I don't think it's in a bad state
(unless I missed something). So I'd say we should fix this bug and ship it, or
let the accessibility team (co-)maintain this (as they do with Orca) and give us
a hand with it, if they want to do that.


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