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Re: No braille in mate user session


It seems nobody answered this...

Odd Martin Baanrud, on Tue 26 Jul 2016 01:45:50 +0200, wrote:
> I did a fresh install of Jessie yesterday.

How did you install it?

I tried to install Debian 8.5.0 using braille support, with default
parameters except the desktop, set to mate.

> Braille works at the mate login screen, but when I’m loged in, it stops working.

At reboot I had braille working both at login screen, and inside the
mate session.

> Is there a log or something I can find some usefull information regarding this behavior?

What does the braille display show, for a start?

Does /var/lib/BrlAPI/0 exist, with permissions for everybody?


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