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GNOME Accessibility Observations #1


The following chain of events just happened on my machine at work:

* I pressed <Super> to investigate the GNOME Menu Accessbility.
* Orca stopped refreshing, no matter what key I pressed, the screen
  reader appeared to have been hung.
* A sighted coworker confirmed that not only Orca was hung, but the
  whole GNOME desktop was no longer responsive to mouse clicks.
* Attempting to log in again failed, because GDM also appeard to sort of
  have hung.
* I tried to restart GDM with "systemctl restart gdm".
* This didn't help at all, GDM refused to die.
* I manually killed one of the GDM parents.
* Now I was able to start gdm again with "systemctl start gdm".
* And I was able to login again.
* However, there is now no speech output anymore, only Braille.
* And GDM started on tty1, which was previously used by me for an ssh
  session to a remote machine.  Prior to this event, GDM was running at tty7.
* I have no way to access my ssh session anymore, it is apparently lost.

So GDM happily overwrote an in-use text-console.
I have absolutely no idea what components fault that is, but this should
never have happened!

There are so many bugs in this chain of event, I am unable to file any
meaningful bug reports from the information I have.

All I know is, that I wouldn't want to recommend this sort of
"accessibility" to any fellow blind user.


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