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Re: MATE chosen by default instead of gnome for blind people [Was: Debian Installer Stretch Alpha 6 release]

hi there,
would it be usefull if the orca list was a part of this discussian?
you may get more feed back :)

I myself am using mate, because of it's lowerd memmery footprint, and
I don't know how to navigate thrue menues.
mate is far more responcive than gnome is.
not much I know i've not used gnome for some time now, so alot could
have changed.
Majid Hussain

On 22/05/2016, Christian Schoepplein <chris@schoeppi.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> BTW., I'd like to give GNOME3 a try. But because I need my machine for
> daily work it would be interesting if I can install the gnome packages
> without making my MATE environment unuseable. Is this working?
> Ciao,
>   Christian

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