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Re: Does anybody really use the dots package?

Hi, I say for now we leave it in debian as now that you brought it to our attention it sounds like an interesting package and someone might want to start up on the package again. If it is removed and someone later wishes to work on it again can it be added again? Nick Gawronski

On 4/30/2016 4:16 PM, Mario Lang wrote:
Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> writes:

The dots package has not been maintained for at least 6 years, does
anybody really use it, or could we just drop it from Debian?
I doubt anyone really uses it, as I had doubts when it was first
uploaded.  It always had a feel of a proof of concept tool, and
development was stopped upstream rather quickly.  Lets drop it if nobody
speaks up here.

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