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Research Impact Conference; July 2016, Manchester

Research Impact Conference: Delivering Excellence
5th July 2016, Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester

Research Impact: Delivering Excellence will explore REF case studies and testimonials to help researchers effectively measure and evidence impact, offering practical guidance on delivering high quality submissions across research projects.

As announced in the current Spending Review, the UK government is taking forward a review of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) that is being led by Lord Stern. The review will draw on evaluation from the previous REF exercise to ensure future research funding is allocated more efficiently, offers greater rewards for excellence and reduces the administrative burden.

By better examining research aims and keeping up to date with new digital technologies it could be possible for research groups based within the NHS to collate with academic successes. With new sources of funding for the NHS recently launching, such as Innovate UKs Digital Innovation in the Sharing Economy, it is time that the NHS reward excellence and enhance research evaluation models in order to support the development of future, lifesaving, technical advancements. 

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Speakers Include:

Dr Simon Kerridge, Chair, Association of Research Managers and Administrators; Director of Research Services, University of Kent (confirmed)
Aaron Porter, Director of External Affairs, National Centre for Universities & Business (NCUB) (confirmed)
Dr Vicky Jones, REF Deputy Manager at HEFCE (confirmed)
Sarah Parks, Analyst, RAND Europe (confirmed)
Professor Roger Falconer, School of Engineering, Cardiff University; Member Panel B (confirmed)
Dr Catriona Manville, Senior Adviser, RAND Europe (confirmed)

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Topics of discussion on the day:

Welcome and introduction
The changing landscape for research funding
The Metric Tide
Writing REF bids and submissions: Improving quality and diversity
Research Excellence: What makes a submission stand out?
High Performing Research Units

Benefits of attending:

Learn about the future direction for research funding and assessment as the government reviews of governance, structure and evaluation develop.
Practical advice and solutions to assist universities in improving the quality of REF submissions and interdisciplinary research.
Explore new models and future iterations of research performance and evaluation.
The impact of the Research Excellence Framework and how the assessment process will inform future submissions and assessment.
Learn how to best evidence impact, excellence and diversity across a variety of disciplines and research projects.
Insight into the intended and unintended consequences of the REF exercise.
Assistance in developing the quality of research outputs and demonstrating originality, significance and rigour in applications.
Practical ways of developing research strategies, support for staff and students, and delivering research infrastructures and collaborations.
How to benchmark outcomes from Research Excellence Framework assessments.
Discover how new models of research, funding and collaboration can support excellence.

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