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espeak-ng fork of espeak


I am the developer of a fork of the espeak project that came about due to the extended absense of Jonathan Duddington (the author of espeak) and the general slow pace of development on espeak. This fork is available at https://github.com/espeak-ng/espeak-ng.

For a long time now I have been developing and maintaining an autotools-based build system for espeak. The new espeak-ng fork builds on this work. The key high-level changes are:

1.  Converted the sources to C99 and reformatted the codebase;
2.  Support for compiling the language and phoneme data files within the espeak-ng program;
3.  Removed the dependency on wxWidgets;
4.  Provides man files based on the Ubuntu/Debian man files;
5.  Removed the platforms directory (portability is provided within the main src tree, with no pre-built/external files like Microsoft's sapi.lib being included);
6.  Major build clean up including a large number of warning and static analysis (clang scan-build, Coverity and msvc /analyze) fixes.

While espeak-ng provides different binary names for the programs and libraries, it also provides compatibility symlinks for applications that look for and depend on espeak.

I am willing to incorporate patches and pull requests into the code (e.g. if you need any changes when building it on Debian). I would also appreciate help with static analysis issues.

Reece H. Dunn

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