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Bug#809087: libatk-wrapper-java: Regression hangs Intellij Idea

Yes, exactly, 0.33.3-5 causes the problem.

I'm almost certain Intellij IDEA uses threads.  I just tried it out with the custom version of openjdk, and it still crashed the same way. Downgrading libatk fixes it as well with this jdk version.  When it freezes, the popup remains on top of all the other windows even when intellij is moved to the back or minimized.  It is completely unresponsive and cannot be moved.


On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 4:40 AM, Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> wrote:
Control: notfound -1 0.30.5-1
Control: found -1 0.33.3-5
Control: tags -1 + moreinfo


Jeremy Salwen, on Sun 27 Dec 2015 02:53:26 -0500, wrote:
>    After a system update, Intellij IDEA began to crash when any of the "popup"
> code completion windows appeared, making it completely unusable.
> I was able to trace back the problem to the package libatk-wrapper-java and
> libatk-wrapper-java-jni due to an error message involving "jawimpl0".  When I
> downgraded the packages from versionto 0.30.5-1, the crashes stopped occuring.

So 0.30.5-1 doesn't pose problem but 0.33.3-5 does?  Fixing bug entry

I don't know about Intellij IDEA, does it use threads? JAWT is known to
have threading issues because of thread-unsafety of libxc, see
#797595.  Could you test with the jdk packages on

deb https://people.debian.org/~sthibault/tmp/openjdk/ ./

Which include the XInitThreads() call, necessary for thread-safety of


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