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Bug#647226: edbrowse: button press does not work anymore on a page using a lot of javascript

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pro.privacy@nurfuerspam.de, on Mon 31 Oct 2011 21:26:00 +0100, wrote:
> Surfing http://www.bibnet.de with a text oriented browsers is very
> difficult.  The site makes heavy use of javascript and frames. The example
> further down fails with edbrowse_3.4.7-1 (unstable). When pressing button
> 'i1*' (<Weiter> = continue) or 'i2*' (<Abbrechen> = abort) nothing
> happens. The same example succeeds with edbrowse_3.4.1-1+b1 (stable).

I have juste uploaded edbrowse 3.6.0 in sid, could you give it a try?


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