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Re: Whonix - Advice on Accessibility for a Debian Derivative

It'd be cool if any KDE user could also chime in and advise on any KDE setting that could increase its accessibility to Orca. I'm struggling with KDE's start menu (the one that opens up with the super key)

On 12/15/2015 3:57 AM, Patrick Schleizer wrote:
I am a maintainer of Whonix, which is a Free/Libre Software derivative
of Debian. In essence, a pre-installed Debian with modifications. Ready
to be downloaded images to be used inside virtual machines.

It would be awesome if you could advice which packages should be
installed by default to for better accessibility support.

Would it make sense to install all of the following?

gnome-orca espeakup brltty brltty-speechd brltty-x11 console-braille
florence dasher kdeaccessibility kvkbd kmousetool kmag kmouth jovie

Any other packages that should be installed by default?

Any other settings that should be tuned by default?


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