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Re: Iceweasel history

Le 07/12/2015 08:04, Alex ARNAUD a écrit :
> On 07/12/2015 07:53, MENGUAL Jean-Philippe wrote:
>> Le 07/12/2015 07:38, Alex ARNAUD a écrit :
>> > On 07/12/2015 06:46, MENGUAL Jean-Philippe wrote:
>> >> I use 38.2 (testing). How do you choose the item? With mouse?
>> >> keyboard? Do you use Orca?
>> > I use Iceweasel 42 and I can change the settings without any problem. I
>> > choose the last item in focus mode and tabulate to change check box
>> value.
>> What checkboxes can xou change? Here I use testing.
> Maybe all check boxes, I've tested with the first "active privacy mode"
> (something like that, I'm in French system).

hmm but this checkbox appears regardless the choice you do in combo box. It is not specific to the choice "Customized history". Or is it impossible to set the history delay keeping? Why are there differences between "keep history" and "keep according customized" if the settings are the same?



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