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Debian 8 hibernating on Acer netbook

I have a 32 bit Acer netbook KAV60 which runs Debian 7 console only (no GUI) without any problem.  I reformatted the hard drive and installed Debian 8 console only (no GUI).  It installed without any problems.  But, when I run it it runs for about 20-30 seconds with speakup working and then seems to go into hibernation mode.  I can bring it right out using the space bar key, but it comes back without speakup and within less than 20 seconds it goes into hibernating mode again.  I did an internet search and found one person using Arch with a similar problem, but did not find an answer to that persons problem.  One suggestion I did find was to use a special netbook kernel, but I have no idea isf this will solve the problem nor how to get the netbook kernel.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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