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Re: No speech in recent stretch?

Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> writes:

> I have just uploaded the newer release of speech-dispatcher (0.8.3) in
> experimental, it includes various fixes, perhaps you can give it a try?

While my previous post was about sd hanging, my current issue is about
gdm 3.18.  Since my latest gdm upgrade, I get *two* pulseaudio servers
running, one as user debian-gdm, and one as my user.  During GDM, Orca
manages to speak.  After login, all sound is completely gone.
Turning off Orca in gdm doesn't help, pa is still launched as
Debian-gdm, and doesnt go away afterwards, and still no sound with the
normal user.

I ended up deinstalling pulseaudio, so that I can at least have music in
X11.  But I dont have any speech output at all.

Looks like gdm 3.18 has substantially changed behaviour.
However, I am completely at a loss how to debug this.


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