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Re: New Stretch instalation, no speech


I've just tried the alpha3 debian installer release, asking for
installation of the gnome graphical desktop, and I do get speech
at the gdm3 banner, as well as once logged in.  When choosing MATE
instead I only get the orca announce but no screen reading, that is a
now-submitted bug of the lightdm gtk greeter (#802220).

James Homuth, le Wed 07 Oct 2015 11:08:15 -0400, a écrit :
> I'm still relatively new to the platform, so am not entirely certain
> how best to go about fixing that - or from where to extract useful
> error messages so I can be pointed there.

If you have a braille device you should be able to easily log in the
text console and check in the output of "ps axu" that at-spi, orca, and
speech dispatcher are all running.


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