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Bug#757152: python-pyatspi: Should depond on at-spi2-core OR qt-at-spi

On Tue, 05 Aug 2014 21:11:31 +0200 Matijs van Zuijlen
<matijs@matijs.net> wrote:
> Package: python-pyatspi
> Version: 2.10.0+dfsg-2
> Severity: normal
> This latest version of the python-pyatspi package depends on both
> at-spi2-core and qt-at-spi, which each depend on part of gnome and kde,
> respectively. In the common case, only one of these desktops is
> installed and it makes no sense to pull in part of the other.
> The original bug report #749523 mentions depending on
> at-spi2-core|qt-at-spi, which would allow the user to pick the most
> appropriate choice. I think this would be a better solution than
> depending on both packages.
> I suppose another option would be to create separate
> python-pyatspi-gnome and python-pyatspi-kde packages.

Hi Samuel,

this needs to be fixed. Otherwise I'll have to consider dropping
gnome-orca from the default GNOME installation.

Pulling in unused KDE and Qt libraries is not desirable on a default
GNOME installation.

Please consider moving the qt-at-spi dependency to some other package.
libqt-something might be a suitable place so it will be pulled in
automatically whenever a KDE/Qt app is installed.


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