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Re: Pluseaudio, speech-dispatcher, and console + graphical screen readers

On Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 05:36:44AM AEST, Sam Hartman wrote:
> So, for myself, I'd really like to  be able to use pulseaudio.  Without
> pulseaudio it's very hard to use bluetooth  audio.
> To make that work well, what would need to happen is that we'd need to
> get speech dispatcher to not hold its audio stream in a running state
> when it's not talking.

Currently work is ongoing to refactor the audio code in Speech
Dispatcher. However, this probably could be done even now, and is likely
the way to go given that the new code in Speech DIspatcher has no ETA on
release, as there are other improvements also being made.

I'll see what can be done.


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