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Bug#788189: java-atk-wrapper: build depends on openjdk-6 which is going away

Source: java-atk-wrapper
Version: 0.33.0-2
Severity: important


java-atk-wrapper build depends on openjdk-6 like this:
 openjdk-6-jdk | java6-sdk

However since the buildds ignore all but the first choice in an ORed
group, this is effectively a hard dependency on openjdk-6. If you
didn't know openjdk-6 is not in testing and will probably disappear
some time before stretch is released.

It's probably better to just depend on default-jdk. For most arches
this is OpenJDK 7 and for gcj arches you can just let the build fail
and possibly have the package removed on those arches.


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