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Bug#786674: at-spi2-core: AT-SPI D-Bus bus started only in GNOME environment


Jonas Smedegaard, le Sun 24 May 2015 13:06:41 +0200, a écrit :
> Now, instead of requesting to add Sugar (or whatever is its indicative
> XDG string) to that whitelist, I suggest to instead flip around and
> replace with a blacklist of known irrelevant environments - which I
> (blindly) guess would be this:
>   NotShowIn=KDE;

It is not so simple, unfortunately. We don't want to start it when
accessibility is not enabled. In the Gnome or Unity case, the
AutostartCondition part of at-spi-dbus-bus.desktop makes sure to start
at-spi only when accessibility is enabled. Other desktops however don't
support this AutostartCondition, and thus for them we can not use this
.desktop file. It happens that those other desktops have their own way
of starting at-spi at the right time when accessibility is enabled.

So I'm afraid that no, we don't want to switch to a blacklist, because
we don't want to unexpectedly start at-spi by default on desktops which
don't support AutostartCondition.

All that being said, in the future we will probably want to enable
accessibility by default, so it's ready to be used without having to
logout/login.  So I'll keep this bug opened to document that.


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