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Re : Re: Virtual Braille terminal? Brltty and lightdm

> You can either
> - enable the braille monitor in Orca

How do you do that? this feature seems not exist anymore in my preferences dialog 


> - or use the xw driver of brltty, but that'll require another X display.
>   - for debian installer debugging, I run the tested environment inside
>   qemu with a virtual braille qemu device connected to brltty showing
>   the virtual braille device. See
>   https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Accessibility for the details.
>   - another way is to really use another X display: run an X server on
>     another system, and set XAUTHORITY/xauth/xhost and DISPLAY
>     appropriately. For instance, one can use an X server on a smartphone
>     connected via wifi.
> Samuel
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