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Accessibility of MATE logout dialogs


The MATE logout dialog, also used for shutting down or rebooting the
machine, is currently not accessible to people using a screen reader.

The code responsible for managing the dialog belongs to mate-session-manager:

I suppose accessibility doesn't work in this case because the
mate-session process is started too early, before the screen reader and
even AT-SPI.

What about moving the dialog to a separate process, started on demand?
I've already verified that subprocesses of mate-session using GTK work
fine with respect to accessibility.  The only nontrivial point would be
ensuring that no more than one dialog is active at a single time; I'd
handle SIGCHLD for that.

If you agree with this idea I'll send a patch.

Thanks and best regards,

Luca Saiu
Hypra team (Accessible website in construction)

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