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Re: Linux-Intelligent-OCR-Solution (lios)

On 02-04-15 09:56, Nalin.x.Linux wrote:
> Three year back I started developing an
> Accessible Graphical User Interface for OCR engines. It's happy to say
> that now my papa(visually challenged) can read printed books using a
> scanner through Lios.

That is great.

Just for the record, ebook-speaker (already in Debian and written by a
blind person) should be capable of doing that as well (in Jessie and
sid), albeit it is focusing on speaking it out. From the man-page [1]:

	Give an eBook_file as argument to eBook-speaker. Many eBook formats are
supported. eBook-speaker also tries to read scanned documents through
Optical Character Recognition.

-s     Scan a document using a hardware scanner and OCR it with the tool



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