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Should d-i offer to run brltty when speech is enabled?

Dear all,

For those of us using serial braille displays, BRLTTY can't autodetect
them. So we can either give the appropriate boot parameters to specify
the driver, port and braille table, or we can run brltty manually during

The first solution is not very convenient, especially when one is not
used to a qwerty keyboard as is available at boot time.

The second solution works at install time, but since the install system
is not aware that braille has been enabled, the braille support won't be
enabled/configured on the system being installed.

One idea would be that d-i offers to enable brltty during the
installation process, when speech support has been enabled.
Would such an aproach be okay? Wouldn't it be too annoying for those not
using braille? It would add just one question...


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