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Bug#766701: gnome-orca: Conf files

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <texou@accelibreinfo.eu> writes:

> Package: gnome-orca
> Version: 3.14.0-1
> Followup-For: Bug #766701
> Dear Maintainer,
> Here are 3 files:
> Pidgin.conf and pidgin.py (in app-settings), from orca 3.12-1.
> Pidginupdate.conf, which is the Pidgin.conf with Orca 3.14. (pidgin.py missing)


I am sorry, but this bug report is absolutely useless.
The title does not describe what it is about.
And the text of the initial mail is not understandable to me.

Please, you're part of our community for many many years now.
Finally, LEARN how to write proper bug reports.


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