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Bug#762672: qt-at-spi: when this package is installed, other programs fail to run

I've made another, even more severe observation.

I'm running a rather mixed setup using lightdm, xfce4-session and kwin
as window manager, started via the session Client0_Command way.

One of the issues I recently had was a freeze at session startup,
disallowing any login unless I reverted to xfwm4. While bug hunting
again, I tried killing at-spi-bus-launcher and at-spi2-registryd while
still on the lightdm login screen, and after that, I could log in again
without any issues.

Another workaround that seems to do for now is to disable accessibility
via gsettings:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface toolkit-accessibility false

By that option, QT_ACCESSIBILITY never gets set.

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