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Bug#744849: espeakup unusable with usb speakers before and after install

I did a little experimenting with speaker-test and aplay -L before 
checking out talkingarch linux.
Commands like:
speaker-test -Dsurround50:CARD=Audio,DEV=0 <enter>
apparently found a device but errored out complaining about broken 
configuration.  I didn't break any configuration so am wondering if nvidia 
tools somewhere may have broken the configuration now.
Talkingarch when it thinks it found a machine with multiple sound cards 
plays a message and sends a beep through each of what it thinks are sound 
cards and lets the user hit enter to choose that sound card for operation 
and installation later on.  That happens before anything else happens 
after the system loads if archlinux is new on that hardware.

jude <jdashiel@shellworld.net>

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