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Bug#744849: espeakup: usb speakers inaccessible on use and during installation


Jude DaShiell, le Tue 15 Apr 2014 07:31:06 -0400, a écrit :
> The fact that the debian installer also fails to find and use my usb speakers points at a larger problem though.

Well, not really: the debian installer is a special case of a Debian
system, things may not work there at all while they would on an
installed system.

> archlinux has no trouble with this at all  for whatever reason.

Perhaps archlinux outputs to all cards at the same time?  Or perhaps by
luck archlinux gets the USB soundcard as first one?  How does aplay -L
show up there?

>    * I expected to be able to switch from conventional stereo speakers
> by modifying configuration file and expected espeakup would find
> those usb speakers when I tried an install, Also documentation in
> /etc/default/espeakup for this case was missing.

I have completed the paragraph:

 # To choose audio output on another sound card, uncomment this and set as
+# appropriate (either a card number or a card name as seen in CARD= alsa
+# output).
 # export ALSA_CARD=0

Now, that will only be feasible for an installed system.  About
debian-installer time, I guess we would ideally want to emit the synth
to all sound cards?  I'm afraid espeakup might just not support this,
and we'd have to chose a card.  I'm wondering whether we really want to
provide the user with a way to select it at debian-installer time, just
like we don't make him select which graphic card should be used.


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