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Re: How to change GSettings from command-line?

Mario Lang <mlang@delysid.org> (2014-03-20):
> Nevermind, found the answer to my own question on this mailing list :-).
> To recap, I use the following command line to enable a11y in GDM:
> su -s /bin/sh -c 'eval $(dbus-launch); export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS DBUS_SESSION_BUS_PID; GSETTINGS_BACKEND=dconf gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.a11y.applications screen-reader-enabled true' Debian-gdm
> Samuel: Are we going to do something like that automatically when D-I
> was installed with BRLTTY and GNOME was selected?  Or do we perhaps
> already do so?

We currently install overrides for schemas, using finish-install (see
the finish-install.d/07speakup script in that source package).

We might need to update that for GNOME, we definitely need to do
something similar for Xfce (that was mentioned a few days ago on this
list and that's part of the errata for D-I Jessie Alpha 1). Not sure
about KDE and other desktop environments.


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