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Bug#708585: libbrlapi-dev: arch-dependent files in "Multi-Arch: same" package

@Mario: How do you build the packages that you upload? It seems that
your build does not use the files as they are in the tar ball, but as
they are on your locale (git) hard-drive. Can you confirm this?

If yes, should be change the way we build or do we need a different
solution for this problem? I really don't think it is worth it to split
the documentation from the libbrlapi-dev package as that is already very
small. So my proposal is not put the date there if we can not reliably
determine when the source of the documentation was last updated.

I build using pbuilder, and thus I get reproducible timestamps. The
German vs C part needs to be fixed anyways, so if we keep the date I
will instead convert to iso-8601.


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