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Re: solution to the problem of orca and gecko not working in non-gnome environment

Jason White <jason@jasonjgw.net> (2014-03-10):
> I think I've found it with a quick search of the Mozilla repository.
> mozilla/accessible/src/atk/Platform.cpp, line 81:
> 81 #if defined(LINUX) && defined(__x86_64__)
> 82         libPath.Append(":/usr/lib64:/usr/lib");
> If you change line 82 to
> libPath.Append(":/usr/lib64:/usr/lib:/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu");
> and rebuild Mozilla, it might work.

I think that's a very good catch indeed. There are a few other places
where one can find /usr/lib in *.ccp files in iceweasel, but most of
them are debug directories, or paths below /usr/lib/mozilla/.

I suspect it would be nice to have a placeholder/#define somewhere so
that the proper multiarch directory can be injected from debian/rules;
depending on how easily I can reproduce the issue, I'll try and get a
working patch and submit the bug report against iceweasel.


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