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Bug#740844: Move to udisks2, udisks 1 is deprecated

Package: daisy-player
Version: 8.5.1-1
User: pkg-utopia-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org
Usertags: udisks1-deprecation


this package currently depends on/recommends udisks 1. That has been
deprecated for a while now, in favor of udisks 2. Please port the
package to udisks 2 and drop code that uses the old
hal/devicekit-disks/udisks 1 bits.

Please note that udisks2 also has a library interface (libudisks2-0)
which is easier to use than raw D-BUS calls. It is also introspectable
(gir1.2-udisks-2.0) so you can use it from languages like Python.

The API is documented at http://udisks.freedesktop.org/docs/latest/ .

daisy-player only calls the "udisks" command line program a few times,
that should be easy to port to the corresponding udisksctl commands.
However, note that most desktop environments mount hotpluggable
storage automatically, so this shouldn't even be needed in most cases?


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