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Re: Testing brltty 5.0


Reece Dunn schrieb am 28.02.2014, 17:01 +0000:
>On 28 February 2014 16:49, Sebastian Humenda <shumenda@gmx.de> wrote:
>>>Do you have a custom build of espeak that has libespeak.so.1 in /usr/lib?
>> Well, there was one, indeed. Thought I would have removed all remainings of
>> that. Now it builds. When running however, it doesn't ommit sound with espeak
>> and even with brltty -s no, it crashes after a short while.
>eSpeak uses an AUDIO makefile variable to configure what sound API to use:
Thanks for the info, but I removed the custom build and got those problems.

>It may also be that the default device does not provide sound output
>(e.g. on my Raspberry Pi I have a USB soundcard on sysdefault). In
>this case, the application using eSpeak needs to process the audio
>itself instead of delegating to eSpeak as eSpeak does not support a
>custom (non-default) audio device name.
Thanks for the hints, but everything is "default" here: one internal sound card
which eSpeak correctly addresses with brltty-espeak 4.5.

Finally it was a incorrect configuration directive which prevented eSpeak from speaking (which worked with 4.5 though):
speech-parameters es:PunctList=.,\!"§$%&/()=?{}[]

The crashes mentioned above are actually hangs of the display, I can now
reproduce with speech enabled: while speech is fine, braille stops after a half
minute or so; it can be brought back by pressing a key on the display. I'll test
whether this is an upstream regression.

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