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Re: Bug#739989: debian-installer-utils: log-output change breaks speech synthesis


Colin Watson, le Tue 25 Feb 2014 00:12:43 +0000, a écrit :
> Reuploading espeakup against the latest version of espeak should get
> rid of this stderr output, clearly ought to happen anyway,

Right.  I have uploaded it.

> The situation where we have to occasionally rebuild espeakup due to
> new upstream versions of espeak is clearly far from ideal, and I'm
> making another clone for that.

Yes.  I've had a look, and it's not completely trivial: we used to just
statically link espeak, portaudio, jack, and sonic into espeakup.  Since
it's espeak which needs portaudio+jack+sonic, making espeak linked
dynamically means portaudio+sonic have to be linked dynamically too,
i.e. yet two new udebs (jack can be disabled in portaudio build).  Is
that fine with debian-boot?  I expect the size increase to be something
like a few 100KiB, on the gtk image.


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