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Re: Debian accessibility

So, you are using thunderbird.
now that you're reading my mail. if you are on windows:
press control+shift+l
and it will let you to reply to the list, and you don't need to write the to list manually. if you are on linux, go to the message menu, then arrow down to "reply to list"
then press enter and you can reply to list.

On 2/2/2014 9:49 PM, Chris Norman wrote:
That's great, thanks for the info, and in particular the reply to list thing... I've never figured out how to do that other than changing to to: field! :-)


On 02/02/2014 17:03, hadi remonion wrote:
Hello Chriss
To be honest, like you, i have been using debian on my headless servers. i have 3 servers, and two of them are running debian.

I think debian 7.3 runs gnome 3.4.2 which is accessible out of the box. it depends what you want to do with it daily. browsing, reading mails, and listening to music? of course you can do it easily with debian.
but it all depends on your usage.

p.s if you are using thunderbird, make sure you hit the "reply to list" item, otherwise your mail goes directly to the person who's replying you, instead of the mailinglist itself.

On 2/2/2014 3:02 AM, Chris Norman wrote:
That's lovely, thank you. When Debian comes up, what is the general state of accessibility? I mean, could a person comfortably use it in every day situations?


On 01/02/2014 21:20, Hadi wrote:
Hi Chris
boot Debian OS, wait for the beep, then press S and enter. you'll enter the Debian accessibility mode in which you can install Debian and orca will be set for you for system start up. for more tricks and tips and more accessibility options with java and QT, visit Debian accessibility wiki at
which is neatly written


On 2/2/2014 12:02 AM, Chris Norman wrote:
Hi all,
I've been using Debian now for a while on a VPS, mainly as a server, although I've been using things like NMap that I can only do from Linux.

I have a few laptops lying around which I thought I might as well do something with, so I'm wondering, is there a document somewhere about Debian accessibility?

I hit google with the problem, and there were a few vague mentions of a Debian accessibility movement, but no hard and fast "Here's how you install without a screen", or docs on getting orca working once you've installed etc.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but Google's just not playing ball on this one!

Cheers guys, and I hope this email finds you all well.

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