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Re: Debian Accessibility

Hi Chris
boot Debian OS, wait for the beep, then press S and enter. you'll enter the Debian accessibility mode in which you can install Debian and orca will be set for you for system start up. for more tricks and tips and more accessibility options with java and QT, visit Debian accessibility wiki at
which is neatly written


On 2/2/2014 12:02 AM, Chris Norman wrote:
Hi all,
I've been using Debian now for a while on a VPS, mainly as a server, although I've been using things like NMap that I can only do from Linux.

I have a few laptops lying around which I thought I might as well do something with, so I'm wondering, is there a document somewhere about Debian accessibility?

I hit google with the problem, and there were a few vague mentions of a Debian accessibility movement, but no hard and fast "Here's how you install without a screen", or docs on getting orca working once you've installed etc.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but Google's just not playing ball on this one!

Cheers guys, and I hope this email finds you all well.

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