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Re: edbrowse in Stable

MENGUAL Jean-Philippe, le Sun 08 Dec 2013 10:45:46 +0100, a écrit :
> hmmm I had not seen this problem. Could it be fixed or it'll be for next
> stable?

Well, you are the edbrowse maintainer :)

I believe you had actually received the bug report on 16th september,

The package needs either to be removed from stable or be fixed, either
by porting to the newer JS engine or by disabling support for JS (not
sure if this is possible in an easy way).

since there was no fix action, FTP master removed it one month after
that. Maybe the maintainer of edbrowse should be switched to the debian
a11y team, so that such kind of issue gets noticed more broadly?

In the meanwhile, I can easily re-upload a version to stable with JS

Now, about JS support, see the bug report again:

In unstable the package was changed to use libmozjs185-dev instead which
isn't really suitable for a web browser (as it has broken sandboxing as
far as I understand it).

So we may want to just disable JS support altogether since the
implementation being used is not safe.


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