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[Dave Mielke] [BRLTTY] New release coming soon.


If you can build and run a local copy of brltty from subversion
(svn://mielke.cc/main/brltty) please help us prepare for the upcoming
release and test the current development version on all the hardware you
may have access to.

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A new release of brltty is being planned for early in the new year. A major 
effort in recoding has taken place so that brltty truly goes idle when it has 
nothing to do (the screen hasn't been updated, no controls on the braille 
device are being used, etc). This should go a long way to minimizing battery 
drain on laptops and mobile devices.

In light of this major code change, would each of you who can please build 
brltty using its latest development code, and test it using as many 
communication methods (serial, USB, Bluetooth) as you can with as many 
different braille devices as you can. This will help us find and fix as many 
problems as possible within the new code before the actual release.

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