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Orphaning several accessibility packages

I orphan and offer for adoption several accessibility packages:

- On behalf of Boris Dušek, the current sponsored maintainer, I claim
  speech-dispatcher officially orphaned (WNPP bug #730983).
  speech-dispatcher is an important package and someone should really
  take it and maintain it properly.

  I'm not sure about the state of speech-dispatcher Debian git
  repository; could someone familiar with it upload the package with
  maintainer set to Debian QA Group (unless somebody takes the package),

- I orphan festival-freebsoft-utils (WNPP bug #730985).  Unless someone
  takes it I'll upload an officially orphaned package soon.

  The package is necessary to make Speech Dispatcher work with
  Festival.  Someone should take it, it's easy to maintain and I can
  provide limited upstream support.

- I orphan sound-icons (WNPP bug #730987).  The package is trivial to
  maintain but I nevertheless fail to do it properly, so the package
  should be taken by a better maintainer.  Unless someone takes it I'll
  upload an officially orphaned package soon.
- On behalf of Boris Dušek and myself, I offer all Czech Festival voices
  (festvox-czech-ph -- bug #730988, festvox-czech-dita -- bug #730989,
  festvox-czech-krb -- bug #730991, festvox-czech-machac -- bug #730990)
  as well as festival-czech package (WNPP bug #730997) for adoption.
  They are easy to maintain.  I understand there aren't many maintainers
  with interest in Czech speech synthesis around, so I'll try to
  continue maintaining the packages if nobody wants them, but I'd like
  to find a better maintainer for them.

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