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Bug#730682: patch: removal of -q switch from emacspeak.sh

Control: reopen -1

On 30-11-13 11:44, Jarek Czekalski wrote:
> Although the title says about q switch removal, it should not be done in
> a plain way. Please see the original patch at [1].

Thanks for verifying.

> If q switch is removed and INITSTR is left unchanged, it results in
> running the emacs user init file twice. Once normally, and once through
> INITSTR. And it's imposssible to turn it off using "emacspeak -q".

I see.

> Actually now we have a new bug in Emacspeak 39, but it's originated
> here, so I don't submit a new entry.

Indeed. As you can see on the first line of this message, you could have
reopened it yourself. See also [2].


[2] http://www.debian.org/Bugs/server-control

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