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Interested in a technical cross-platform mailing?

Hi, We have just founded a group, called liberte0 (Freedom 0). Its purpose is to promote the accessibility for everybody, so that a high variety of users know the free software in accessibility matter, and to let a place so that people can have info on accessibility. This group is French, so our core mailing is in French, but it is about our actions with users and some support to french-speaking users (feedbacks, etc.). But in parallel we opened a multilingual website, whose purpose is to speak mainly in English. This is a technical mailing list. 2 purposes: 1. enabling to new dev who want to work in accessibility technologies or to make thir free software accessible to have a place to ask questions, have feedbacks, with technical devs, so that they can understand that accessibility is not so hard, but it's especially an approach, and not a big effort. It's useful because we meet often devs 7who are interested but who don't know where to begin, where to have doc about the widgets, the at-spi, assistive technologies, etc. Typically I wasn't good to answer to openbox's dev who wanted to do efforts about a11y of her WM, I'm sure you could gi(e her basics to proceed. And maybe it would give ideas to some people to contribute to accessibility so that it is in progress. 2. I feel today one who want to have a global technical approach of the accessibility, in particular in GUI matter, needs to be subscribed to various lists. I think, even if I know most devs are subscribed to all lists, that it'd be useful to have a platform where all devs and power-users could have technical exchanges, if they work for Qt, GTK, distros, oriented or not, at-spi/qt-at-spi, etc. I think this mailing can gather on a single place all the a11y devs, that will enable to everybody to have the same info immediately, to discuss it, to speak together, to exchange their experiences, and so to make proceed accessibility in general, regardless the platform where a dev works (Qt, LibreOffice, OOo, Qt, Mozilla, etc.). If such a project is of interest for you, subsc!ibe to tech AT liberte0 DOT org. Don't hesitate to forward the address. You can subscribe sending a message to sympa AT liberte0 DOT org with subject: "subscribe tech". I hope the project, in particular this technical, can be considered as useful and that a full community of accessibility will have a common place to speak regardless the origin of everyone, technically and nationally. Don't hesitate if you have questions about this group, here or on the tech mailing list. We'll answer as much as we can. Regards, Jean-Philippe MENGUAL accelibreinfo, votre partenaire en informatique adaptée aux déficients visuels Mail: texou@accelibreinfo.eu Site Web: http://www.accelibreinfo.eu -- -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Vinux Support mailing list. To unsubscribe from this group, email vinux-support+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com Our website: www.vinuxproject.org

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