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Bug#721763: [brltty] Idea to get id for free

Bastien ROUCARIES, le Fri 25 Oct 2013 08:55:48 +0200, a écrit :
> Fdti and the other one in this thread accept to be reflashed for pid/vid only.
> So let reserve a few id on openmoko and ask your user to reflash.

I don't think a user will dare to reflash his braille device. Those cost
thousands of dollars and are typically the only way their owners would
be able to use a computer.

> Brltty could be slipt in two package
> Brltty that will get support for only well behaved driver and brltty-cruft for
> the conflict id stuff.

That could still be an idea worth considering.

> Brltty-cruft will not be enable by default except if answer use it during
> install.

Well, that is *already* what is supposed to happen.  I'm not aware of
any other way brltty would end up being installed on a Debian system
without the user explicitly requesting it.

(except when starting from an Ubuntu system, but we can't really control


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