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Re: Bug#723948: libatk-bridge-2.0-0-udeb: uninstallable; depends on missing libatspi2.0-0 (>= 2.9.4)

On 03/10/13 12:09, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> AT-SPI won't need those.
> It essentially needs dbus-launch, to start dbus-daemon.

Is this the session bus, or a parallel bus, or both? A parallel bus
shouldn't be using dbus-launch, which is (a) specifically designed for
the session bus, and (b) not particularly well designed or implemented.
I hope that in the glorious Wayland future, dbus-launch will just be a
strange historical relic for X11 users.

The reason I ask is that it determines whether I have to build a
dbus-x11-udeb :-)

In a controlled environment like d-i, I would much prefer it if the X11
session was run under dbus-run-session(1) (currently only available in
dbus/experimental, but I can backport it), which has much more sensible
semantics than dbus-launch.


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