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Re: anybody here using emacspeak in Debian

Hi all,

I am working the last couple of days to get emacspeak to work and
improve the packaging (which was long overdue in my opinion). I am
nearly there, but I have several questions and there are several issues.

I am unable to get audio if I use eflite as synthesize server for both
current packaged version as my new packaging. Does it work for you? If
so, what did you do to get it working? As I now build the eSpeak server
included in the package, this is less of an issue for software
solutions, but other servers really have to work in my opinion.

The servers directory contains a python wrapper (@Jason, I see you
contributed there). Is anybody using that? (The documentation is not in
a proper Debian format as we can not generate it with Debian packages
(happydoc)), I'll try to replace that with something I can create at
build time. I also believe the python wrapper should be moved to a
proper python location.

Some license statements in the package are unclear. I'll have to contact
upstream to clarify.

Kind regards,

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