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problems and crashes in Wheezy

My gnome has some problems which makes the desktop not realy usable for
serious work.

One anoying bug is that at-spi or orca freezes often if a window is
EG. gajim or iceweasel have this problem.

Maybe it's related to the fallback mode in gnome which I am using but
gnome shell seems having many other a11y issues.
So what are your impressions regarding stability of the desktop?

Another problem is the gnome clutter-gtk bug.
Using Gnome-control-center is really hard!
See: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=691468

When I turn of clutter a11y gnome shell becomes completely inaccessible.

Unfortunately packaged version of xfce is old and can't be used as a
Lxde not tested at the moment.

Last wheezy problem which isn't related to desktop is 
console screenreader integration (speech-dispatcher).
When I want to use speech output in sbl, it's really hard to configure
because of pulseaudio. 
Endusers maybe don't want to use plain textconsole but currently it
would be hard to get speech in console and orca working at the same

Halim Sahin

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